Michael Schrabauer

Michael Schrabauer
Michael Schrabauer

Age: 18 Years

Education: Higher Technical College for Engineering, Krems

Current Job: Junior Researcher 07/2018

Personal Introduction and Motivation:

Hello, my name is Michael Schrabauer and I attend the higher technical college for engineering in Krems, the subject area is information technology. After the summer holidays my final year there starts.

One of my teachers asks my classmate Stefan Humpelstetter and me if we want to continue the thesis of some graduates from the last year. We got really interested and so our teacher told us more about the project and that they cooperate with the Danube University Krems. Last year they made a web forum where you can talk about the law and especially about copy right law. After we got all of this information we check the current forum out and we like the idea of the website really much. In addition, we inform our teacher that we will continue the thesis and now we are here at the university working on the project.